Maya White(non-registered)
I am SO happy with the results of our photo shoot! One of the nicest parts was going through this process with my friend; we had the advantage of Sonia's discount offer for 2 people. Not only was it a great price, I am truly happy with the quality of the photos. And, it's really nice to work with somebody who knows what they're doing. Sonia immediately tuned on how to create a good atmosphere for the photo shoot by talking about clothing (be comfortable) and makeup (don't overdo it). She has a pro attitude, the right equipment, and I will definitely be back for more.
Jacob Letman(non-registered)
Sonia is a very talented photographer, has tremendous creativity, and a great eye. She went above and beyond my expectations with our shoot. As much as I enjoyed the experience of the shoot itself I was even more impressed with the finished product. I am very proud to show off my new headshots! If you're looking for someone who provides exceptional value then look no further. I highly recommend Sonia.
I greatly enjoyed the session with Sonia. She made suggestions about my wardrobe and guided me through the modeling process. I did not know I could look so good. I'm currently struggling to select which headshot(s) to use; they're all great.
I don't consider myself to be very photogenic but Sonia worked her "magic" and proved me wrong! Her high level of professionalism, warmth and charm, made all the difference during my photo shoot. She definitely went above and beyond to deliver not only a fun experience during the photo shoot but also in being responsive with any questions that I've had since then. Sonia did an outstanding job as I was extremely pleased with the end result! I can't wait to share my pictures with my loved ones and know they'll be asking me "who took your pictures"? I'll be happy to recommend Sonia to all my friends and family and if I wasn't relocating to the East coast, I'd definitely request her services again. Who knows . . . maybe I'll make a special trip to the West coast the next time I need a great photographer!! Wishing you continued success, Sonia - thank you for everything!
"Sonia helped me with taking corporate headshots. It took place at her backyard, which is really nice and has a variety of backdrops. The whole process took about 2 hours.
I was really impressed with her attention to detail and the way she built a good rapport with me. She went the extra mile to take great pictures. She does a fantastic job at a very affordable price. I highly recommend her!"
Sonia was great! She has a price that can't be beat, but that's only part of the reason I chose her. The main reason I chose Sonia was because I'm a fan of her work. After looking at dozens of photographers' work, I preferred Sonia's style the best. She did an amazing job for my head shots. She's also well prepared and punctual. She got my files to me shortly after our session, including the edits, so I could use them right away. Now I'm going to set up a session for her to take pictures of my dog and I.
I'm new to acting and hadn't had any headshots done before working with Sonia. I'm so happy I was able to work with her this early in my career. She truly took the time to get all of the right angles, she was personable, and she was speedy throughout the entire process. On top of all that, she even went above and beyond; you get great prices and wonderful quality. She's excited to photograph and she enjoys editing, which is instrumental in obtaining a good shot. I'm proud of the headshots I now have and I'm looking forward to taking them on upcoming auditions.
I wish I had ten stars to give her. The photos came out excellently and she went above and beyond to bring out my best features. She meticulously searched for the right light and optimized the photographs to the point of sheer perfection. Realistically, no touchups were necessary for most of them, that's how perfect they came out.

But even so, she did pick her own favorites alongside mine and added a little magic to them, even though she really didn't have to.

I will definitely see her again next time I need some pro shots taken. She was totally amazing as a photographer.

She also happens to be a great person, but her excellent work just speaks for herself.
Sonia was absolutely wonderful! She spent a lot of time with me making sure we got the perfect shot. She was a delight to work with and anyone looking for good quality headshots would benefit from hiring her. My pictures turned out beautiful and I couldn't be more happy! Thank you Sonia!
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