Features my Photography Services is a website where you can submit a request for a professional who can perform a service for you in your geographical area.  Using Thumbtack is free to the customer looking to hire someone.  He/she describes the service needed, the geographical parameters, the budget and other details.  The request is then sent via emails to professionals whose experience and location meet the criteria and who may be interested in submitting bids to perform the job.  The professionals who have signed up with Thumbtack pay a fee of $3 and up to submit a bid for the job.  Only the first 5 individuals who submit bids are in the running for the specific job/assignment.    

In Los Angeles, sometimes it seems as if 50% of the population is either a photographer and/or videographer, so having a 1 in 5 chance to possibly be hired for a job is helpful.  Since I decided to offer headshot photography services, outside of my immediate circle of friends and family only recently, I have found many clients through Thumbtack.

Due to the positive reviews I've received from clients, Thumbtack has recognized me as "Best of 2015" and now "Best of 2016" 

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015